Living in the HOW

Living in the HOW

I follow quite a few coaches, and I can often find inspiration from their tools, tactics, and tales.  Not everything, though, seems like a great idea to me.  One of those things that I just don’t think WORKS is when they advise, “Don’t worry about the HOW.”

The problem with that is, we are LIVING the how.  The HOW is your day-to-day life.  The HOW is your grind.  The HOW is what you actually do.  You might not be able to have a precise plan of what, exactly, that HOW is, so in one sense, worrying and dwelling on the HOW is counterproductive.  You figure out the HOW along the way.

But the HOW is an absolutely essential step in getting where you want to be.

You can’t just sit on the couch and think about a thing, and actually expect it to fall into your lap.


Your mindset when you take that action is important.  The actual action ISN’T important, but it’s vital that you actually DO it.  And then try something else.  And then something else again.

Throw all kinds of shit at the wall until it starts to stick.  Wisdom is an action, my friends.  Talk to people, write down ideas, paint, whatever it is that you do, or that you WANT to do, GO DO IT.

DO THE THING.  That’s the HOW.

It can be magical, but it isn’t particularly mysterious.  You’ll learn the technical details along the way.  Do research, and be willing to learn and change your approach when you get new and better information.  It’s a growth process, so there might be discomfort, and there will definitely be pain.  But the truth is that you will learn everything you need to get where you want to be when you throw yourself at the process.

That’s HOW.

Just GO and DO.

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