It’s been so long!

Wow friends, looks like I haven’t been updating here anywhere near as much as I should be!  So many projects on my mind these days, and sometimes things slip through the cracks.


On the bright side, I have new things to announce to you!  I’m almost finished with one of my key courses, cutting through the bullshit to get healthy and lose weight.  This is a passion of mine, because I spent so long trying to get in shape myself, with varying levels of success.  Some of the secrets can be told to the body, others must be told to the mind, and we’ll be addressing both areas in these lessons.


I’m also in the final edits of several books that will be of great use to anyone interested in upgrading their life.  We’re talking about ultimate health, longevity, and lifestyle.  We’re going to dig deep to make real changes in your life, and in the world, because we’re the ones who are creating tomorrow.


Finally, I’ve been collaborating with my good friends Seth Leaf Pruzansky, Winston Jordan, and Lydia Michalitsianos to get more content out to you that will help you in all areas of your life.  From understanding your place in the universe, to figuring out your metabolism, to deciding what in the hell you want to do with your life, we’re bringing the best to you so you have all the tools you need to be your own great decider.


That’s not enough??  OK fine, I’ll make you some cookbooks too.  And I’ll round it all out with some fabric that I dyed.  Creative outlets are required, so there will be plenty of pictures to spark your own inspiration.  Let’s be fair though, I expect pictures of your work too.  Show me your art, read me your poetry, play me a song.


Many more (frequent) updates to follow, because I’ve really missed you guys!

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