I was a wannabe.

A year ago, I was a wannabe.
I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and I behaved like I wanted to be an entrepreneur. AKA, I didn’t behave like someone who was serious about building a business. I was quiet, and I focused on all the wrong things.
I wanted the courses, I wanted the tools, I wanted the books, and I wanted to outsource all the work. I wanted to quit my job and never leave my house and just watch money flow into my account. (Yes, I was very silly.)
I’ve learned a lot of things in that year. I’ve learned that constantly following around a bunch of experts in a bunch of different fields will teach you a little bit about everything, but not enough about anything. It will also scatter your thoughts, making it harder to identify what YOU want to do in a business, what problems you solve for people, and what structure you use to do it.
I’ve learned that content really is king, and I have to create, and create, and create some more. And when I’m done, I get to create. Listening to what people want is also farking important, and asking in a way that makes them happy to answer you, instead of being annoying or beggy.
I’ve learned that there are as many ways to do business as there are people in the world. I’ve learned that I have to get over the crap in my head. It gathers up and creeps in to your life from the corners, until it mucks up any initiative or motivation you have. Getting clouded up with doubts and fears that you create yourself holds you back more than any other variable.
I’ve learned that I have piles and piles of excuses that add up to dust and shit when they’re examined closely. Yes, some of them can be actual reasons that I’ve held myself back…and I just have to get over myself. I DO have time, I DO have resources, I DO have help, and I DO have the ability to put it all together.
Because if I want to give massive fucking value to the world, being the hermit on the hill isn’t going to cut it. I can be an introvert all I want, but I have to be LOUD AF if I want to change the world.
I’ve learned that I have to BE EVERYWHERE to be seen, no one is going to search me out if no one knows I exist or what I do.
I’ve learned that I can get my business model off the ground and actually making money with minimal investment (MINIMAL, NOT ZERO) though I have to grind a little more time and energy out of myself to learn more skills, and pass those less enjoyable tasks off to other members of the team as my bottom line increases.
I’ve learned that there really are some certifications that I want to add to my collection, but that isn’t going to stop me from doing what I CAN do NOW. I’ve learned that comparing myself to anyone else just flushes my productivity right down the drain.
The moral of my story is this: don’t make it harder than it needs to be, and don’t buy in to your own bullshit.

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