Energy Loves Motion so GET MOVING

If you want to put some real POWER into your intentions, then involve your Body, Mind, AND Spirit. Working with just one or two will usually create a positive result, but ALL THREE TOGETHER create superpowers that can’t be stopped.

What do I mean? Lots of people try using methods like the Law of Attraction, and they do a lot of meditating and feeling good in their HEADS, and that’s a GREAT step. Visualizing and feeling what you want is an essential key to actually getting it! But it’s not the ONLY step, and only doing this can lead to frustration and disappointment. There’s a bit more work to be done to make your goals happen, and teaching those steps is what I do. Your body is the conduit for your soul, so it makes sense to keep yourself in great health. More than that, energy likes to MOVE, so moving your body will help you create more FLOW in your life, and you will get more momentum and faster results if you engage your body in addition to your mind.

Two of the BIG hurdles I see when people are working on “attracting” people, things, and situations into their life are subconscious self-sabotaging beliefs, and lack of inspired positive action.

(Big pet peeve. We aren’t ATTRACTING anything. We’re CREATING it. It doesn’t exist unless we create it. OWN your power as a creator, peeps!)

When you’re looking at the first of the above roadblocks, the subconscious beliefs that interrupt your desires, many times it’s a core value that you’re coming up against. For example, if you’re trying to uplevel your income, do you harbor secret fears about having more money like having to fill out additional tax forms, or maybe anger and resentment towards others who have more money than you? Do you think that people who reach a certain level of income have less of a value as a person, or are frauds? (Pro tip. Money is just an expression of energy. More on this later.)

As far as the second goes, you have to get your mind off of the less meaningful tasks in your life, and your business. If you want to attract more ideal clients, you’re not going to do that with new business cards or a new color scheme on your website. Clarifying your message and talking to people, however, will. Want to get in better shape? Stop buying fancy work-out clothes, and instead track your food and work out. Yes, inspired action may mean spending money, but spend MINDFULLY and PURPOSEFULLY.

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