Let. The fuck. Go.

Let. The fuck. Go.

Do you define your dream life by what you DO have? Or by what you DON’T have?

You might start with the first, just as I did. You’d talk about the house, and the landscape, you’d talk about the car and the time with your family, you’d talk about the freedom to pursue your own interests. You might achieve these things by landing a new job, or being an entrepreneur, or by winning the lottery. The means only kindof matter, because it’s the goal that you want.

But maybe you can get closer to that goal by letting go of things that you DON’T want, or at least your attachment to them.

I have a part time job, and I really don’t like it. I’ve had jobs my entire life, and there are very few times that I’ve enjoyed any of them. At this point in my life, my income is split between my job and my various side projects.

The major shift I made in my mind was being unattached to my job. Yes, I still show up and do my work. But I used to generate a whole lot of anger about having to spend my time there. It was eating up all my energy and motivation. I was destroying my mindset because I was attached to that particular situation.

So I let go. I stopped being defined as Needing That Job. I still work there because the income is still essential. But I put my focus on the parts of my life that I LOVE. I focus on the course I’m building for all of you. I focus on my videos and my articles and my books. I focus on cooking and sewing, and petting cats, and on the amazing conversations I get to have with my man. I couldn’t put so much positive focus on these things when I was holding on so tightly to my negative focus on my job.

What are some other things I’ve let go of, that have allowed me to fully enjoy my life, and move forward in my success? I’ve let go of a LOT of fear, mostly the fear of judgement from others. I’ve let go of my perfectionism. I’ve let go of the need to compare myself to others. I’ve let go of being harsh and uncompromising with myself. I’ve let go of people that only drain me.

We all have things in our lives that we’d be better off without. What are you letting go of, so you can grow?

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