There are a million moving parts to your life. There’s so much information that you can learn, and so many experts who are already a wild success that you can follow in the footsteps of. My distilled take-away from all of the lessons, experts, and potentially useful tools that you can use in your business and in your life, especially when starting out?


I don’t mean just simplify your message, or your offerings, or your methods. I mean simplify EVERYTHING.

The farther you boil down what you do to it’s essential parts, the more effective you can be at what you do, and the less you’ll get caught up in things like:






Why? Because you’ll be working on your own project. It doesn’t matter if that project is cooking dinner or launching a new course. Make it as straightforward as possible. You’ll make YOUR life easier, you’ll get dinner on the table faster, and your clients will love the clear approach.

You’ll stay in the land of Zen, you’ll be able to let your own mind FLOW, and you’ll be working in your Zone of Genius, which is completely unique to YOU.

A shout out to everyone starting out in a new biz, and a double shout out if you’ve been starting out and going through a start-stop can’t get your plan off the ground cycle for months or years: don’t get caught up in all the fancypants tools that are available. If you’ve got a tiny budget, there is a LOT you can do on your own. You don’t NEED a site, but you can buy a domain and get hosting for cheap, and learn a basic site on your own. You don’t NEED scheduling software yet, you can use private messages or a Google calendar and use PayPal to take payments. Build the CORE of your business, show the benefits of what you offer and get it out there to people, and clear away all the extra stuff. You can get into the sales funnels and FB Ads later, and you can outsource the stuff you hate doing when you have the budget for it. But people won’t be drawn to you because you have the best payment gateway or because you use one course platform over another. You can add tools, software, and processes as you grow. Be clear on who you are, what your message is, who you can help, and how.

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