About Me


My name is Heather, and I am a gigantic nerd. When I was in school, my favorite thing was to write research papers, because it gave me a chance to learn new things, look at subjects in-depth, and think about them critically. Often, I’d find differing perspectives, even on things that were widely accepted as truth. So I wrote about those things too. I used to ask friends every once in a while for personal assignments on things that they wanted to know more about, and these were the most interesting of all, because it was research for the sake of learning, not for a grade. I lamented that I couldn’t do research and writing as a career. Fortunately, all these researching and writing skills would come in handy later.

Anything even vaguely touching the field of natural health I’m happy to dig my teeth into, because that’s where my first passion is. My very first online purchase was a bottle of soil-based probiotics, when I was just barely old enough to buy things online. Why did I land on this? Because I knew my digestion was all kinds of screwy, and I thought it would help with my little weight issue. I was a fat kid, and was a fat adult, for a very long time. I graduated high school at 206, and my highest weight was 230 a few years later. I’m 5’7” and a girl, and not even counting the social pressure to look a certain way, I wasn't happy with by body.

So I did some research for myself. And then more…and more…and it’s never really stopped, because the way the body works is fascinating! I’m always down to dig into the actual biochemical processes when we alter diet, supplements, activity, environment, mindset, and all the other factors that can impact our health. I’ve tried just about every food plan out there, and I stick to a veggie-heavy gluten free dairy free plan the majority to the time. I always stay away from gluten, thanks to 7 ER trips where they found nothing wrong even though I felt like I was dying, and the results of my own elimination diet. Oh, and I’m down to the 160’s now. It would be nice to drop a few more, but I’m thrilled with my strength and flexibility.  The rest of the weight will fall off as my health improves.

In the warmer months, I get to run most mornings, a set of sprints as opposed to the steady marathoner pace many other people choose. I often wonder if the people in the cars that see me walking think I’m slacking. When I get back in, it’s time for weights and yoga. When it's colder out, I spend about 5 hours a week in the gym, tossing heavy weights around.  Sometimes lunch is bacon, sometimes it’s a protein shake, sometimes it’s orange beet carrot juice that I make myself. I make an amazing pizza with a riced cauliflower crust, and equally amazing easy sushi with smoked salmon.  Somewhere in there I make time to meditate, and on the best days I get to create some art. My nerdliness is showing: I do medieval Japanese reenacting, and I make all my own clothing, often dying the fabric by hand using traditional methods. It’s not unusual for my hands to be multiple colors. I made the armor that I fight in for the events that I go to, and there's a good chance you've caught me talking about it on my podcasts.  It's a ton of fun.  I have a current tapestry that is based on sacred geometry, and I’m furthering my studies on this to gain more inspiration to finish it, because I think it's super cool how we can understand the mechanics of the universe by using science as well as more esoteric means.

I keep a bunch of superfoods on hand because I love them and how they make me feel. MCT oil, chlorella and spirulina, certain mushroom extracts, cinnamon, turmeric, whey isolate, digestive enzymes, collagen, and a gloriously jam packed liquid multivitamin are a few of my favorites.

To see my current stack, check this out: